Friday, October 15, 2010

My Modest Firearms Collection

I really am not a gun phreak. I've shot and killed one living thing in the last 60+ years – a rabbit out in the desert when I was 12.

No that is a lie, a couple of years ago I had to put down a bunny that my dog had mostly killed but was very slowly dying and suffering horribly. I also blew the head off a rattle snake that my dog was very interested in, poor snake.

I did the same when our family dog Bonnie Belle McBeatle got so old and sick that my parents decided to put her down. I took her out in the desert. Her rear legs would no longer work, but she was happy just being outside with me again. Then quickly one shotgun blast to the back of her skull – instantaneous death. I have read that the emotional suffering for you is less if you do it yourself than if you force your dog to go to a Vet (which most dogs hate), and she dies in cold, unloving conditions with strangers.

I don't have any of them anymore, but I grew up with the following firearms around the house:
.32 caliber semiautomatic pistol issued to the medical corps in WWII
.22 caliber long rifle semiautomatic rifle
.30-30 Winchester lever action rifle
.410 gauge pump action shotgun

In my twenties I bought a .270 bolt action hunting rifle at a gun show. When I moved to Europe I gave it and my old .410 to a friend in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Here is a list of the firearms I currently own:

.25 caliber semiautomatic Saturday Night Special. This is the original model P-25 by Raven Arms. It misfires real often, and is not at all dependable. Just an interesting bit of history.

.380 caliber semiautomatic LCP made by Ruger, with a Crimson Trace laser sight. My primary concealed carry weapon. The lightest handgun around. Very dependable, never misfired yet.

.38 special Cobra big bore 2-shot derringer. Barrel can easily be changed to a .32 magnum. Kept with my old geezer mobility scooter.

.38 special + P snub-nose revolver made by Taurus. Five shot, titanium frame, Crimson Trace laser sight. Kept in the car.

.40 caliber Smith & Wesson semiautomatic with a Crimson Trace laser sight. Each magazine holds 14 rounds, and I have several extra magazines. This S&W so much like a Glock that S&W Glock sued them and they lost the court battle. S&W had to pay some money to Glock. This is an excellent pistol, but it is too big for most concealed carry situations.

.44 magnum Tracker 5-shot revolver made by Taurus. Crimson Trace laser sight. Kept around the house. Remember the Chuck Rule; never more than 30 feet away.

.44 magnum six shot Super Redhawk revolver made by Ruger. Pistol type telescopic sight and a Crimson Trace laser. I call this my Dirty Harry Special. It is the first gun I bought when I moved back to America from Europe and the one I used to qualify for my concealed carry permit. Bedroom, home protection/self defense.

12 gauge pump action shotgun, shortest barrel allowed by law, loaded with buckshot for home safety/self protection.

.30-30 lever action rifle. Telescopic sight and laser.

.30-06 bolt action rifle. Telescopic sight and laser.

Note that I own no cop-killers, M16 simulations, AR-15, AK-47, or other assault weapons. These are the types of guns that lunatic right wing fanatics own and also the drug mafia hit men (Sicarios) in Juarez...who of course actually do use them to kill human beings.