Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gays and DADT

I have known a number of lesbians and homos over the course of the last 60+ years. For the most part the ones I have known were decent people. Almost without exception they had some emotional problems, particularly as related to their own self image.

I admit that in general I have felt more favorably towards the lesbians than the gay men. This idea of anal intercourse between two gay guys just strikes me as dead wrong. Butt fucking is a very good way to pass along sexually transmitted diseases like ADIS/HIV. Stupid.

In Israel, Britain, and dozens of other advanced democracies gays and lesbians are allowed to serve in the military. I see no justification for giving these lifers in the military a pass on this. In the civilian world it is considered wildly improper to be homophobic. The military should adhere to at least as high a standard as the civilians.

When you put all the lesbians, homos, and their fellow travelers (transgender, etc.) together, you still have far less than 10% of the population. In a way these people who are confused about their gender do comprise a minority of sorts, and it is improper for everyone else who does have a clear idea about their gender to be unkind to these folks. Plus with these continuous wars, the U.S. military is having a hard time getting enough volunteers. Giving exceptions to policy so that conviced felons and other unsatisfactory people with "moral" problems can serve in the military is becoming more and more common.

In the military of course it will still be improper behavior to come on to someone against their wishes.

I think the big problem here is that especially since the all volunteer army was initiated our military has consisted increasingly of lower social class, intolerant, prejudiced, and poorly educated people. I grew up in a military town, and I served three years in the Army during the Vietnam War. So most of my life I have known lots of military people. They are nice enough, for sure. But high levels of intelligence or education are not part of the culture until you get up to the social class of General Officers. It has been my experience that even though the officers for the most part are really quite pleasant, they are strikingly narrow minded and prone to racial prejudice. No doubt they feel genuinely outraged by gays and lesbians.

When racial discrimination was prohibited in the military did the Generals wait to make a decision until they had done a complete survey of all the troops regarding their feelings towards serving alongside of EQUALS? - No of course not. The military is currently playing a dishonest game of delaying tactics; intentionally not doing what their civilian bosses want; hoping that in a short time the political climate will change.

It is too bad that these lifers don't like queers. That is exactly how they used to feel about people of color. This homosexual “problem” is with us to stay, so they must get used to it, or these closed minded people will just have to get out of the miltary.