Sunday, September 05, 2010

Afghanistan Corruption

Several months ago Obama and the top American military men were all agreeing with each other that the war in Afghanistan simply could not be won militarily. There was a general consensus that the military could only provide some level of security while the civilian, democratic government got more involved and better organized. All parties seemed to be enjoying stressing that for this process to work the government had to greatly reduce corruption.

It seems like a daily event now to read an article about the latest corrupt act of the Karsai government. The Afghani government does not appear to be even trying to get corruption stopped or under control.

The most disturbing part of all this is that the growing corruption has not slowed down Obama or the American military one bit. They have just stopped mentioning that there is general agreement that the war cannot be won militarily, and that a competent and clean civilian government is essential to the process of neutralizing the Taliban.

The biggest bank in Afghanistan seems to be failing. There is a run in process on the bank. Of course President Karsai, his family, and his cronies have been involved in many of the shady banking deals. The deregulation Republicans under Bush set up much of the financial system, so I suppose it is not surprising that it all coming apart now like a house of cards.