Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Morning Walk Out In The Desert


------------------(click on the pictures and they will enlarge)

On our walk this morning for a while we were bushwhacking across the desert rather than following a trail or a dirt road. In total we went 1.2 miles (1,93 km). We began down where the water used to run, gained about 50 feet in elevation (15 meters), wandered around, and came back to our original location and elevation.
We came across another site where we found pottery shards from the ancient native peoples. This morning we found three little shards, all within about 2 meters of each other. This virgin desert is about one mile from my house.

They were located at N31.74776 W106.25512 in the mesa area which overlooks what must have either been a lake or running water hundreds of years ago. The map image is the tracks and waypoints from the Garmin Forerunner imported into Google Earth, and then cleaned up slightly with Photoshop.

I took the picture of the shards after we got home with my Nikon digtial SLR.

This place we found them is 4,035 ft (1.230 meters) above mean sea level.