Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Likeability Issue

After President Bush II surely we should have learned that political dynasties like Bush I & II or Clinton I & II are not necessarily useful. And after watching George Junior many Americans have re-learned the importance of integrity in our leaders. If too many citizens do not trust the president, the results can be very harmful to the country.

On the issue of integrity and trust I would need to go for McCain or Richardson. If one only looks at the issue of experience, then Richardson is the clear winner over all of the other candidates of both political parties.

Several of the candidates do well on the likeability meter including Obama. Clinton is far down near the bottom.

Being a good leader involves many attributes, but trust and charm are up near the top. It is important that the next president have the ability to make us once again begin believing in the American Dream.

I read a good article in the Washington Post this morning that sums up how I feel about Senator Clinton:

They just don't like her, some say.

They don't know what she stands for. They believe her word is no good, that she doesn't believe that she can be held accountable. They see her as intellectual snob who lets you know she's smarter.

They say she sounds like everybody's ex-wife. They can't tell if she's the loyal, traditional wife who stayed with her husband for love after his humiliating extramarital affair -- or a canny politician who stayed because it was politically expedient.

Even: Is she a Yankees or a Cubs fan?