Tuesday, November 27, 2007

150 cc Chinese Scooter

I really like my Honda 250 cc Reflex. It is ideal when I need to go on the freeway or take a 10 - 30 mile trip.
But I put so many miles on my 50 cc Vespa when I was living in Europe that I got sort of spoiled. I missed having a small, lightweight, nimble scooter. If I just want to go a mile or two over to the store, then a smaller bike like this is just right.

So I bought a scooter from Amazon.com and paid $1,066- for it, plus $160- freight from California.
Of course I had to semi-assemble it. An easy one day job. This saved me at least $2,000 compared with buying a new 150 cc scooter from a local dealer, maybe more like $3,000-.
I am amazed at how nice a bike it is. And the power to weight ratio is fantastic. It weighs 105 kg (231 lbs) and has 9.3 hp, 4 cycle engine. In theory this is a lower power to weight ratio than with the Honda Reflex, but for some reason the Chinese bike runs like a little rocket! Probably if you put them side by side with riders of the same weight the 250 cc Honda would win easily, but the 150 cc Chinese moped just FEELS strong.