Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Everything Changed on 911 - For A While

It is September 11 again. And here in the land of poor folks and super patriots I didn’t see one car flying the American flag today.

I’m sure some houses must have had the flag flying, but I didn’t notice any and I’ve been from Eastside to Westside and all around today.

I haven’t visited New York city in almost four years. When I was there last ground zero was still patrolled by guys in uniform carrying machine guns.

Bush sure got it wrong. Yes, we all actually believed S. Hussein when he said he had WOMD. Everyone did. And he in fact had previously used them against his own people on more than one occasion. And the woefully impotent UN sure wasn’t doing anything about him. We really did have to do something about it.

So I was and am all in favor of having taken him out. Too bad he wasn’t humiliated more at the time of his execution. He deserved it.

But after we got him, we should have washed our hands and left. It now looks like the USA may be in Iraq for many, many years. This just won’t work. It will ruin and bankrupt our country.

I sure hope the Democrats really do understand this.