Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Old Women

According to a close friend of mine, Germaine Greer Ph.D supposedly once said, “Most women have no idea how much most men hate them.”

I told my friend how funny Dr. Greer is. In England she is one of the central players in a satirical comedy TV show on the BBC. She has a brilliant intellect, and a very charming personality.

Listening to the conversation of middle aged men when there are no women around, I would think that her observation is absolutely accurate.

She and Jane Goodall are among the few beautiful older women that I can think of. I’ve never met Germaine Greer, but I have watched her so much on TV that I kind of feel like I know her. I did meet and talk with Jane Goodall a couple of years ago. Both ladies have beautiful minds, personalities, and are not displeasing to look at either.