Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Magic Little Black Doggie

Once upon a time the was a little black doggie named Inu.

Although he was only 14 years old (2 years in muggle lives) he had already been through some really hard times.

He was super loving, and really just an absolutely lovely and loyal little doggie, but his evil first owner had rejected him. This horrible example of humanity had turned him in to the dog pound. The owner was originally from Mordor but was living in disguise near El Paso when he sent Inu to the gas chambers in Canutillo.

Fortunately for Inu a wonderful couple named Princess Monica and Crown Prince Bobbo happened by the dog pound in Canutillo. They fell in love with little Inu, and they took him home to their 2,800 square foot palace in the upper valley. There Inu had a green lawn, a solar heated swimming pool, and a hot tub.

Inu had several canine friends he lived with there. Inu has a gigantic heart. So even though his physical size is somewhat diminutive of course he was soon well established as King of the Palace of La Mirada.

Then one day a really strange thing happened.

A fat old man walked in to visit Prince Bobbo. He sort of looked like a tubby Gandalf, complete with the grey beard. Inu and the old man were both love stuck. Each was madly, head-over-heels in love at first sight.

After several visits by the old man to Palace La Mirada the Crown Prince Bobbo suggested that maybe Inu should go live with the fat, grey bearded old man for a couple of weeks. Sort of a trial marriage.

There has been no turning back from there. Inu and the bearded old man are now solidly connected as a team. They sleep together, they eat together, and they watch TV together. Every day they walk together at least two miles out in the magic desert wilderness. Inu chases magic white tailed rabbits and disappearing lizards.

You see, Inu is a magic doggie. He has hidden talents and skills.

Today they visited a big, wet, green grass park. It is so nice it almost seemed like a mirage out in the desert. Inu was so joyous that for a moment he forgot that he needed to hide his magic skills from the muggles driving by on Vista Del Sol in their SUVs. Inu was so happy that he simply took off flying, right in front of everyone. So the old man pulled out his magic wand and POOF! made everyone forget that they had seen the little black doggie who could fly.