Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Embree Hale

Embree Hale is both an old time miner from Hillsboro, New Mexico and a renowned photographer of petroglyphs.
He is a very polite and interesting gentleman. He owns a silver mine.

I went to one of his exhibitions of photography today at the Art on the Western Edge Gallery in Columbus, New Mexico.

He is currently being featured in a film documentary.

Yesterday we had lunch together, then he took me and Betty Reynolds around to three different petroglyph sites near Hillsboro.

In my experience most native American Indian rock art is made on dark, heavily oxidized rock. The Indian artist chipped a thin layer of the oxidized patina away, exposing the lighter colored rock underneath.

The three sites that we went to yesterday are very different than this norm. All three are chipped deeply into unoxidized limestone.

At one of the sites we saw where someone has vandalized the site with a drill, stealing one of the prime petroglyphs.