Sunday, April 22, 2007

The First Thanksgiving in America

There is going to a celebration next weekend regarding “He Whose Name May Not Be Mentioned.” The following is from Wikipedia:

In 1598
Don Juan de Oñate, a Spanish nobleman and conquistador born in Zacatecas, Mexico, led a group of 500 colonists and 7,000 head of livestock (including horses, oxen and cattle) from southern Chihuahua to settle the province of New Mexico.

The caravan traveled a northeasterly route for weeks across the desert until it reached the banks of the Río Grande in the San Elizario area. The thirsty travelers drank the cool water and then celebrated with a Thanksgiving Mass and enjoyed a feast of fish, fowl and deer on April 30,

This is considered to be the "First Thanksgiving" celebrated in the present-day United States. Oñate performed the ceremony of
La Toma (Taking Possession) in which he claimed the new province for King Philip II of Spain or Rey Felipe II de España.


This is a picture of the old jail house located at 31.58588N, -106.27431W. Supposedly Billy the Kid broke his buddy out of here.

Holding protests over Don Juan de Oñate is just plain stupid.
Instead of taking a negative approach, this Thanksgiving event and the magnificent Equestrian Statue at the El Paso airport should be used as a great educational opportunity to show people how indigenous people should not be treated.
But I guess some self centered bozos just want their few minutes of fame, even if it has negative consequences for society.