Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Casino Royale

After more than a quarter of a century Princess Leah of Star Wars has been supplanted by Vesper (Eva Green) in Casino Royale. Both are beautiful women who are super intelligent, but also sometimes seem just like the girl next door. And for sure sometimes a bit of a bitch. You could take either one home to meet Mama, or you could fall madly, passionately, head over heels in love with either.

No more wives for me. Its for sure this time. I am ruined for life. If I can’t have Vesper then I’ll just pass, thank you very much.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet you really should rent the DVD.

There are two great things about playing a DVD at home. Especially if you have a nice sized screen and good speakers: The volume button for the really exciting scenes, and the pause button when it has just gotten a bit TOO thrilling. Or when you need to go wash your hands.

I personally enjoyed pausing the scene in London looking across the Thames at Big Ben and the houses of parliament. Letting the memories play of all the times I have stood right there. And thinking, “Yes, and just to the right on the far side of the river is the Boudacea memorial. Buckingham palace is over there, and to the right on this side of the Thames is the London Eye
and the Shakespeare theatre.”

This movie really doesn’t disappoint. Daniel Craig as 007 deserves all the praise that he has received.

On my personal thriller, escapist movie rating scale of one-to-ten, this flick is up there in the high 12’s. Maybe even a 14.