Thursday, February 22, 2007

El Paso Holocaust Museum

This afternoon I helped the El Paso Archaeological Association prepare for their book sale tomorrow and this weekend. My involvement mostly consisted of helping move rather heavy folding tables and lots of boxes of books.

Afterwards I went downtown to the El Paso Holocaust Museum & Study Center. After their fire almost 80% of their museum was lost, so for the last two years they have been in a temporary location. It looks like within maybe two months they will be moving into their new permanent location.

It really is a very good little museum.

While I was there I began discussions with one of the staff members about either loaning or donating my collection of WWII and nazi stuff. I lived in Europe for almost 20 years and have managed to put together a pretty nice little collection of WWII memorabilia. I really have far too much of this neat old stuff, and I would be very happy to donate anything to them they want if they actually are going to put it on display.

I’m bet that over the next few weeks I’ll be talking with them again and I hope that we will work something out.
This is a link to their website:
And this is a link to pictures of some of the things I've got in my WWII collection:-