Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shot Herself In The Foot


On Friday night there are some really great comedy shows on the BBC. Last night I heard a comedian in the UK say about Heather Mills, "She doesn't seem to realize that she has shot herself in the foot."

This of course is a reference to Paul McCartney's second wife. He was always loyal to his first wife Linda. I saw the two of them from about 20 feet away on the very first Wings concert in 1972. Linda had really fine hooters. Which later got cancerous. Even with more money than God and the finest medical care that both America and England could offer, lovely Linda died of the breast cancer. At about the same age as I am now.

Years later Paul was introduced to a model who had lost her lower leg in a motorcycle accident. After a couple of years of marriage and after having a child together, it turns out that this so called "model" had been doing her modeling for Arab shieks in hotel rooms and was well compensated for modeling in private for international arms dealers. You can see her porno movies if you search the internet. And now this woman is going for gold. She is claiming all sorts of terrible abuse by Paul. And rather than going about this in a semi-dignified way through the divorce court, she is trying him in the media.

So, actually it appears that Heather has indeed shot herself in the foot.