Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Guns & Ammo

At the moment I've got things set up just like I want them. I'm pleased with the situation. I don't own an assault rifle, an AK-47, a Uzzi, any .223 caliber weapons, or any of the large magazine capacity "lunatic guns" that you see the cop killers and the extremist government haters so enamored/armed with.

In long guns I've got:
12 gauge pump action shotgun with laser and the shortest barrel that is legal, with OO buck shot.
30-06 bolt action hunting rifle equipped with a Nikon scope, a flashlight, and a laser.
30-30 lever action carbine.

In hand guns I've got:
One beautiful little 2 shot derringer chambered for .38 special or .32 H&R magnum.
.38 special +P titanium alloy frame revolver with a laser grip.
.44 magnum revolvers with laser grips - 2 ea.
.380 semi automatic concealed carry with a laser grip.

This does not make me a gun freak. Honest. This just proves that I am a normal Texan.

I learned firearms safety, gun cleaning, and how to shoot from my Dad when I was a young boy with a .22 long rifle semi automatic. From my grandfather I inherited a 410 pump action shotgun. Our family also had a Winchester lever action 30-30, an old civil war era derringer, and a semi automatic .32 caliber handgun that had been used in WWII by someone in the medical corps. When I served in the army in the 1970's (during the Vietnam War) everyone was required to receive adequate training in weapons safety, firing, and maintaining the M16; but I spent the next three years sitting behind an IBM Executive typewriter typing for a General at the 3rd Armored Division Headquarters in Frankfurt, West Germany.

I worked in his campaign because he had the most liberal voting record of any U.S. Senator and because he was an ex-community organizer. Now based upon his behavior I consider President Barack Obama to be very much middle-of-the-road; maybe somewhat to the right of center. Many people tend to try define a person with one word. He is a black, he is a Republican wanna be, she is a lesbian, or he is a liberal.

When people find out that I drive a Toyota Prius (this is my second one), that my house has a white roof, great insulation, triple pane windows, roll down shutters, and desert landscaping some people like to define me as a liberal, environmentalist, tree hugger. In many ways I guess I am; and a pinko, progressive or liberal too.

But on economics issues I consider the Republicans to be horribly wasteful deficit spending extremists. Ronald Rayguns was the worst. I believe in civil rights for people of color and equality for women. I abhor warfare, and I think marine mammals should be protected. If the Californians want to legalize pot it is fine with me. All of this makes people say that I am a liberal.
In Mexico is it extremely illegal for normal people to possess firearms, but the criminals are very well armed. It just proves that the bad guys will always be able to get guns, even if guns are made illegal. I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing broad gun rights to all adult, non-criminal Americans. I think open carry is fine. I also want to stop undocumented immigration. These ideas are normally associated with the right wing.

It just proves that the old left-right, liberal-conservative definition is horribly simple minded. Always was. People are far more complex than that.

Ammunition is currently readily available for all my guns, except for the .380 auto. I have a couple of boxes of shells for each caliber of gun that I own. I do have some 380 rounds (also called 9 mm short), but they are full metal jacket rounds. The high performance, “self protection” type of ammunition is all on back order everywhere that I know of at the moment.