Sunday, March 07, 2010

Wonderful, Funny, Classic Movie

I just finished watching the 1941 comedy entitled “Ball of Fire.” I recommend it highly.

Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck are the leading stars in the film. It is one of those great old movies which are light, romantic, silly, and funny. This is a wonderful way to escape into a wonderful parallel but alternate universe for 111 minutes.

Aside For Camera Buffs: I took this picture with my beloved Nikon D300S DSLR using an $800- lens recommend by Joe McNally and shooting in 14 bit raw. I used the internal flash plus two external flashes fired by Nikon's commander system CLS. I put this picture up side by side with a pic I had taken a few minutes earlier on my D80 with an adequate but much less pricy standard zoom Nikon lens, shooting 12 bit raw, and using the same commander strobe lighting. The D80 pic took up about 8mb and the D300s pic was more than 3 times bigger at 25mb.

Conclusion: The D300s with the fancy lens shooting at 14 bit depth did indeed do a better job than the D80 using a standard zoom lens and shooting at 12 bit raw. Especially in the dark areas and the fine deail. But not THAT much better. Really.